RSPCA South Australia

The South Australian body of the RSPCA was formed in 1875 to help protect all animals against cruelty and provide treatment and care for thousands of sick, injured and abandoned animals.

RSPCA South Australia is a community based charity. Our purpose is to:

·         Prevent suffering and cruelty to all animals

·         Continually and actively promote their care

·         Enforce animal welfare legislation in South Australia

·         Improve animal welfare legislation in South Australia

·         Provide high quality rescue and welfare services

·         Raise awareness and lead public debate on animal welfare issues

Horse Care and Welfare

RSPCA Australia’s Knowledge Base website has more than 20 articles on horse care.

RSPCA South Australia has 5 key welfare issues relating to horses including those associated with racing (in particular jumps racing, use of whips, racing two olds and high numbers

of healthy horses slaughtered rather than rehomed) and rodeos. The following information provides a brief overview of the RSPCA’s concerns and position.

Jumps Racing

Jumps racing has proven to be deadly for horses and dangerous for jockeys. At least 16 horses have died due to jumps racing in South Australia since 2009. This is significant given that there are only about 20 races per year and on average only about 6 horses successfully compete in each race. Despite modifications to jumps and efforts to make racing safer, horses continue to die. We believe jumps racing will never be made safe. All South Australians have an opportunity to email the SA Jump RacingCommittee of Inquiry which is considering if a ban should be introduced. Already some horse owners including at least one involved in flat racing have supported a ban.

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The RSPCA is opposed to the use of traditional contact whips due to their potential for inflicting pain and injury. The RSPCA believes a top performance horse needs great genetics,

great preparation and great horsemanship. Whipping does not come into it. Evidence has shown that whipping does not increase a horse’s chance of placing. The RSPCA wants

reform of the whip rules and an end to the use of the whip as a performance aid altogether.

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RSPCA South Australia is strongly opposed to animals being used for sport or entertainment which puts their health or safety at risk. Common rodeo events, such as steer wrestling

and bull riding, can cause unnecessary suffering and distress for the animals involved. Rodeos have been banned in the UK and parts of the US, but are still legal in South Australia.

While there are regulations in place to improve the treatment of animals forced to take part, including the presence of a vet, their safety and wellbeing cannot be guaranteed. We

believe the only way to ensure no further animals are harmed during a rodeo is to stop them.

Report animal cruelty

RSPCA South Australia urge the community to report animal cruelty by calling our cruelty hotline 1300 477 722.

How you can help

There are many ways you can get involved including volunteeringcommunity fundraisingdonating and education.

Foster Care

The RSPCA South Australia Foster Care Program helps give animals a new start to a better life. Foster carers provide temporary homes for animals who are not yet ready to go to a

permanent home. We are always in need of good foster homes. For more information and to apply to become a foster carer please visit