Kim Cooper, Equine Dentist, has been servicing the Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu Peninsula and metropolitan areas for the past seventeen years. She uses only manual equipment and works without sedation, using kind and respectful methods. Kim finds with less restraint comes less resistance. She caters for all horses from miniatures to clydesdales and everything in between. Kim completed twelve months of qualifications eighteen years ago in NSW, training under Peter Graney. This included extensive studies in physiology and anatomy with equine veterinarians.

The horse’s mouth is a very important part of the digestive system and also forms a vital link between the horse and its rider. As a general rule, horses should have their teeth done every twelve months, more often for horses up until five years of age. It is recommended that horses’ teeth be done when approaching two years or before they are mouthed. Floating of the molars prevents damage to the cheeks and tongue and ensures abnormalities in the arcades (rows of molars) don’t occur or, if already present are rectified. If the mouth is not correctly balanced it can cause stress on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) resulting in further discomfort for the horse.

The most obvious sign of dental trouble is a change in chewing habits. The horse may drop feed, wash feed from his mouth in his water, hold his head to one side whilst eating or ‘quid’ his food (dropping lumps of un-masticated food).  If a horse swallows food that hasn’t been sufficiently masticated colic can occur. Other signs can include the presence of excess saliva, refusal to eat hard grain or hay and loss of condition.  When ridden, a horse with dental problems may head toss, become heavy, be resistant on one rein, tilt his head to one side or be generally unsettled and unwilling to perform. Looking after our horses’ teeth is a vital part in achieving their health, happiness and longevity.

For more information or an appointment please contact Kim on 0419 119 432, or Facebook: Kim Cooper Equine Dental Service