Helmets should be replaced 5 years from the manufacturing date or after a fall where the helmet contacts the ground.

Helmets should be replaced in that instance even if they do not look damaged, as they can be internally compromised.

Had a fall recently? You should replace your helmet!

All safety helmets, whether horse riding, bicycle or motorbike, they all work on the same principle.

The inner foam shell helps absorb the force of a fall by basically self destructing.

Once the helmet has had a significant impact-it has self destructed- and may not work effectively in any future falls.
In other words, in future the helmet will transmit more impact energy through to the head rather than absorbing it-meaning a head injury is much more likely.
Sometimes there is no visible evidence on the outside of the helmet but underneath the foam shell has usually been dented in.
This is why the labelling on all safety helmets states that “should the helmet undergo a significant impact, it should be destroyed and replaced”

Don’t take a chance with your most valuable asset – If you have a fall, replace your helmet !!

Bonnetts Saddleworld promote safer riding.

Helmet Fitting

Helmets are a very important part of your safety gear and in many places it is against the rules to ride a horse without one.

It is essential that the helmet be the correct size for the riders head and up to date.

Ideally the helmet should sit down and around the head and not have ‘perched’ look to it. A helmet that does ‘perch’ is probably too small and will not adequately protect the rider, and may cause headaches.

If the helmet is too large it runs the risk of moving around while the rider is riding, and may fall in front of the rider’s eyes and compromise their vision.

A good way to tell if the helmet is too big is to do it up and move your head forward and backwards. If it slips try a smaller size or add some extra packing (available at Bonnetts).
Helmets will settle slightly over time as they are used.

Equestrian Australia(EA) standards are as follows in the link http://www.equestrian.org.au/news/helmet-regulations-updated

Pony Club Australia standards are as follows in the link http://www.ponyclub.asn.au/files/documents/rule-book/2015-helmet-issues-for-pc.pdf

Horse Safety Australia helmet standards are http://www.horsesafetyaustralia.com.au/standards/