Thorowgood T4 Pony Saddle is an all-round saddle helps the young rider develop a balanced and independent seat.

Super-comfy and stylish, with slimline panels to allow clear communication of the leg aids

Ideal for all kinds of riding activities!

It is available in 4 seat sizes, scaled to accommodate the very young child on their first pony, through to the more active teenager or petite adult rider.

Luxurious suede-effect seat covering and knee pads are non-slip and really comfortable to ride on.

The panels are flocked with 100% British wool and have a maximised bearing surface, while the short panel design enables this saddle to fit on short-backed ponies.

A longer flap option is in the 16″ and 16½” models to accommodate the rider with a longer leg.

We will put the gullet plate to suit your horse in your saddle before dispatch so all ready to ride.

Email or ring on 0419 860 139 for more specific information about gullet widths or saddle fitting options available.

Available in Sizes –  15” | 15½” | 16” | 16½”

Available in Colours – Black | Brown

Available in Long Leg – 16 and 16 1/2 inch – please add this detail in Notes when ordering or ring 1800 62 1843

Gullet Type Short S Type
Conformation Medium Wither Fit

Changeable Gullet IconEasily change the gullet bar to best fit the width of the horse’s withers. There are seven widths of R-Bar and eight S-Bars.
The sliver XXW is not available in the R-Bar.

XXW (S-Bar only) XW/XXW XW W/XW
Gullet Change Step 1
Step 1: Use the hex key to remove the 2 screws at the front of each panel.
Gullet Change Step 2
Step 2: Slide the panel off the point of the tree.
Gullet Change Step 3
Step 3: Unscrew all 4 bolts in the gullet bar and remove the gullet bar.
Gullet Change Step 4
Step 4: Insert different width of gullet bar. Insert all 4 bolts by hand then secure.