Bonnetts Saddleworld is Australia’s Oldest Saddlery and the 4th Oldest Saddlery in the World 

The Bonnetts Australian family owned business was started by Edward Albert Bonnett back in May of 1843 just 7 years after Adelaide was first settled and is fact South Australia's Oldest Company still in business.

Since then the business has undergone many changes but is still owned by the same family today with two of Edwards’s great great grandsons owning and managing the Bonnetts business, the 6th generation Gary and Greg Slack

Bonnetts is listed as the 14th Oldest Company in Australia and commenced trading to satisfy the emerging demand for harness and saddlery related items for the horse that was the main mode of transport.

The Bonnetts business was always near to where the horse sale yards were located to take advantage of the ready made market.

Over the years the business moved to various locations in the centre of the Adelaide city area from Currie Street, Grenfell street, Rundle and Hindley Street.

Stock agents like Elder Smith, Goldsborough Mort, Bennett and Fisher and Coles Bros were always close by and in 1852 another saddlery opened its doors and was named J.A Holden and Co.

The Bonnetts and the Holdens held a very large part of the saddlery business in Adelaide for many years and in 1905 the Holden business started to change direction and become interested in automobiles.

One of the Largest Saddle Fitting Enterprise

At the height of the manufacturing business Bonnetts employed over 80 tradesmen as part of the team but as the horse began being replaced by tractors and cars for work, activities and modes of transport.

Bonnetts saw the need to broaden their range of saddlery products.

This eventually led to Bonnetts changing focus from being purely a manufacturing company to also offering wholesale and retail and this has continued until the present day.

Still Stocking The Best Horse Saddles and Providing an Expert Best Saddle Fitting Service in Adelaide  

Today Bonnetts have a retail outlet at 125 Portrush road Evandale as well as an online shop and selling through Ebay, Evandale is also the location for the company administration and manufacturing area.

Bonnetts Shop is open 8 - 5 Monday to Friday and 8 - 11.30 Saturday Mornings and Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays.

Bonnetts still manufacture a small range of quality equestrian products for the equine industry that are sold all over Australia and offer a fully accredited saddle fitting and tailoring service of all brands and styles of saddles.

We can come to see your horse or pony for a customised service to suit you or you can conveniently order online through our website

The aim at Bonnetts is to provide "The Best Equestrian Products for Horse and Rider from around the World".

Bonnetts Saddleworld has been servicing the equestrian industry since 1843 and will continue to do so.