Bonnetts Saddleworld is committed to saddle safety.

Every saddle that comes in for service with Bonnetts will undergo an intensive saddle safety evaluation.

This involves an EXCLUSIVE Bonnetts Saddle Safety Check List.

This is an analysis done by one of our experienced accredited saddlers and saddle fitters to assess the safety of your saddle and how it could be improved.

If your saddle fails in any of these areas, we will advise you on what the issue is and what options are available and the cost.

In some cases a saddle will fail a safety check where, in our opinion, the safety of saddle has been compromised and the saddle is either not cost effective to repair / unrepairable.

In this instance we will advise you that the saddle is not of merchantable quality and unsafe.

Some customers may prefer to take their saddle back with them for sentimental reasons or we can dispose of the unsafe saddle for you and help you find a new one.

For an evaluation please contact our team at;
Freecall 1800 62 1843
Store phone (08) 8362 4778
via email
or drop in and see us at 125 Portrush Road, Evandale SA

Happy horses and ponies are our number one priority at Bonnetts