Normanville Beach Rides – O’Leary Racing

A place where thoroughbreds and winners have been trained since the 1800’s. The horse riding aspect of the O’Leary Racing Stables has a Beach Ride option as well as Pony Rides. The beach ride is a quite ride along the sand dunes with its native flora and fauna. It then continues onto the Normanville beach where you can enjoy a trot along the water’s edge and a paddle in the sea. Riding Time: Approx. one hour
Price per Person: $ 50.00*
Children from 8 years welcome.

The Pony Rides are for Children under the age of eight years we offer Pony Rides where parents can lead them around the property on a quiet pony. Price per Child: $ 10.00* per 15 Mins.


Karen O’Leary

P.O. Box 2083

Normanville, 5204 S.A.

Call (M) 0408 795 373

Call (H) 08 8558 2507

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