Equine Advancement is the brainchild of Olympic Silver Medalist and Australian Eventing champion Megan Jones and highly respected, innovative and successful businesswoman,

Natalie Magnera.

Megan and Natalie have set out to provide a world-class conditioning and rehabilitation facility for the elite equine athlete to the everyday horse.

The dynamic duo take great pride in the safety, professionalism and results in which their centre provides.

Unlike anything else, Equine Advancement is here to revolutionise the way we create the optimal equine.

Equine Advancement offers access to our facilities and services, including the Water Treadmill, Dry Treadmill and Chill Spa for rehabilitation, conditioning and fitness use.

At Equine Advancement, we pride ourselves on our ability to not only increase a horse’s strength and fitness to a level above and beyond many other measures but also rehabilitate some of the poorest conditioned horses with the safest possible methods and procedures in place.

Equine Advancement consists of 20 paddocks, 10 day-yards and 8 top-quality stables, situated on a beautiful and pristine 15.58ha property.

Located just a few hundred metres from the beautifully iconic town of Hahndorf in South Australia, just 15 minutes from the heart of Adelaide City.

Address – 109 Echunga Road Paechtown SA

Ph 0434 213 324

Email – admin@equineadvancement.com.au

Website – www.equineadvancement.com.au