Research shows girths have a significant impact on equine performance.

Wintec girths are world renowned to be the most comfortable and durable girths available at unrivalled value for money.

The Wintec Elastic Girth features high-quality stainless steel fittings for longevity and a fully elastic centre with anti-galling material to ensure symmetrical give throughout the length of the girth for increased comfort as your horse works.

Short girths are designed for saddles with long girth points such as the Wintec Dressage, Stock or Endurance range.

Available in Colours – Black, Brown and White

Available in Sizes – 40 cm/16″ | 45 cm/18″ | 50 cm/20″ | 55 cm/22″ | 60 cm/24″ | 65 cm/26″ | 70 cm/28″ | 75 cm/30″ | 80 cm/32″ | 85 cm/34″ | 90 cm/36″ | 95 cm/38″ | 100cm/40