Prestige X-Helen Dressage Saddle is a dual flap saddle.

The saddle has been developed for the German champion Helen Langehanenberg.

Working closely with Helen, Prestige Italia has designed a saddle that is a reflection of her highly successful training and riding methodology.

Most importantly makes the comfort and wellbeing of the horse a No. 1 priority.

The new Prestige X-Helen gives a more refined feel.

As a result of the new thinner panels that take advantage of Prestige’s state-of-the-art “X-Techology”.

In conclusion the unique design features have helped Helen to record her personal best scores.

Most importantly the Prestige X-Helen tree is deeper than with any other Prestige model.

Moreover enables the rider to “sit deep” in the seat without impeding the horse’s movement.

Elastic membranes are fitted in the area of the seat bones and make the seat extremely soft and comfortable.

Most importantly assisting the rider to follow the horse’s movement.

In conclusion thus reducing the negative impact of rigidity.

Moreover the panels, are made of a honeycomb structure material combined with a soft resilient fabric.

As a result the anatomical shape affords the utmost freedom of movement to the muscles of the trapezius (back).

Special new thinner panels for closer contact.
New extra deep tree with integrated membranes.
Adjustable blocks with Velcro.
Narrow twist assures optimum rider comfort and feel.

We can customize your new saddle to suit your horse before dispatch , free of charge, just add details in the notes.

Email or ring on 0419 860 139 for more specific information about gullet widths or saddle fitting options available.

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Leather styles  –  Lux | Calfskin

Colours –  Black | Tobacco

Sizes –  16” | 17” | 18”

The withers channel ranges between 29 and 37.

Warranty: Tree- Lifetime.

Stitching and Leather 2 years.