Pessoa PDS Carl Hester Valegro Leather Dressage Saddle  is part of the Carl Hester Collection

” The best feeling that i got was the freedom in the movement, with a dressage horse we are trying to enhance natural paces and the saddle is very much part of that process” Carl Hester MBE

This saddle has a deep seat for rider stability and comfort while featuring AMS Panels for your horse’s comfort

The ergonomic knee roll allows for rider support without restriction, the best of both world’s.

The White Stitching adds a sense of style.

The AMS panel design allows for total comfort and freedom of movement for the horse. This combination provides total harmony for horse and rider.

The AMS® System utilizes a special neoprene layer which provides a soft consistent layer to support the rider’s weight on the back of the horse. This layer absorbs impact and distributes pressure evenly allowing for comfort plus optimal movement for your horse. Saddles with AMS® panels can be re-flocked and fitted to your horse, just like a traditional wool flocked saddle. The distribution of weight with the AMS® System allows for the physiological requirements of the equine athlete.

Pre-Oiled and ready for immediate riding

We will put the gullet plate to suit your horse in your saddle before dispatch so all ready to ride, free of charge

Warranty – Carbon Fibre Tree – 20 years

Exchange Series 1 – Gullet Widths available – Narrow ( Sand ), Medium ( Brown ), Medium/Wide ( Aqua ), Wide ( Silver ), XW ( Gold ) and XXW ( Lime Green )

Email or ring on 0419 860 139 for more specific information about gullet widths or saddle fitting services available.

Available in colours – Black and Brown.

Available in sizes – 16″, 16 1/2″, 17″, 17 1/2″ and 18″