This unique bridle is designed to comfortably fit the shape of the horse’s skull, avoiding pressure on sensitive areas.

  • It can be used as a bridle, a bitless bridle with 3 strength options or a lunge Cavesson and as such, is a more robust version of the Competition bridle.
  • Comes with tongue protection clips, bit straps, curb groove strap and strong bitless strap.
  • REACH compliant – eco-friendly methods of manufacture, no nasty chemicals used!

Reins not included.

Colour: Black | Brown
Sizes: Pony | Small Horse/Cob | Standard Horse/Full | Large Horse/Extra Full

Watch this video to see how to fit the bridle: 

Browband Measurements:

Pony: 36.5cm

Small Horse: 39cm

Standard Horse: 40cm

Large Horse: 42cm

*Please note: Noseband measurement is the most important indicator of size

Size Guide
Pony 13.2HH and Lower
Small Horse/Cob 13.2HH – 15.2HH Fine Head
Standard Horse/Full
14.2HH Large Head – 16.3HH Fine Head
Large Horse/Warmblood
16.2HH Large Head and Higher