Equi-Prene Grazing Muzzle w/Rubber Base is a nylon webbing material with rubber inserts and muzzle bottom used to provide a strong and durable muzzle with no-rub padding for extra comfort.
Adjustable nylon web straps each side and a snap latch on the throat strap.
Heavy duty D ring attached to clip a lead to.

Full – Inside circumference, 67cm. Top diameter, 24cm. Muzzle depth, 19cm.
Cob – Inside circumference, 62cm. Top diameter, 22cm. Muzzle depth, 18cm.
Pony – Inside circumference, 54cm. Top diameter, 18cm. Muzzle depth, 16cm.
Yearling – Inside circumference, 47cm. Top diameter, 16cm. Muzzle depth, 14cm.
Mini – Inside circumference, 43cm. Top diameter, 14cm. Muzzle depth, 13cm.

Available in Colours – Black, Blue and Hot Pink